Digital Media Lab

NOTE: The digital media lab is operation on a limited basis. Please call the library at 724 375 2900 to arrange a time for your lab visit. We are observing COVID-19 precautions and room will be limited. Thank you!

With a complete suite of software and hardware, anyone can engage in digital humanities at B.F. Jones Memorial Library. Contact the library to setup an appointment so that we may have Staff are on hand to guide patrons through projects from beginning to end.

Tell your story through the use of photography, video, and audio recordings. You can also continue your visual storytelling with graphic design.

We also have the capacity to record your past through scanning old documents, pictures, slides, and the like. We’ll show you how, and get you going in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is offered in Digital Humanities?

The library's Digital Humanities program offers open time (with COVID-19 best practices), as well as videography, photography, and audio recording through the Media Lab.

I don't know how to do any of this. Where do I start?

Digital media creation is something that anyone can learn. Check out the library's calendar for Media Lab open hours. We'll give you a tour of the equipment. It's easier than you may think.

Do you offer any formal training classes or programs?

The Media Lab regularly offers open hours, but we do not offer certifications or formal training at this time.

What type of equipment and software do you have?

The Media lab has two iMacs loaded with creation software, multiple document scanners, digital videography and photography equipment, and audio recording hardware.

Can I create something for my business?

No. The library offers resources to learners and not-for profits. We cannot offer resources to businesses or for-profit projects.

Can I pull music off of YouTube and make a CD, DVD, or put onto a flash drive?

No. Using the Digital Media Lab to copy copyrighted materials is against our policy.

Can I pay you to do work for me?

We are happy to teach anybody how to use our equipment and software, but we can't do the work for you, even if you paid us. The Media Lab regularly offers workshops and open hours, so anybody can learn how to use the resources we provide.

Can I install software onto the computers?

Media Lab computers come loaded with a suite of creation tools that are available to everybody. We do not offer the ability to install non-approved software on Media Lab computers


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